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Mips(ip22) bootstrap report

Short install report for mips-ip22:
- The installer didn't recognize the sgi disklabel - I had to recreate
  it with fdisk on the 2nd console, then it worked.
- In order to get across the "install kernel and modules" step I had to create
   rescue.bin and drivers.tgz 
("patch" at: http://honk.physik.uni-konstanz.de/linux-mips/debian/bootdisks/
  the kernel doesn't really get installed right now though) 
- Afterwards bootp configuration didn't work properly(it doesn't even send 
  a request) and after configuration "by hand" the "Configure the network" step
  is not skipped.
- When moving on manually to "Install Base System"(Joeys fixed busybox needed)
  the system hangs when selecting network install - this might be related to
  the problem above. After reboot the "configure the network step" is
  skipped and one can enter the network install...
- debootstrap fetches the packages & extracts them.  Afterwards
  debootstrap fails with:
  Failure trying to run: dpkg --configure --pending
  --force-configure-any -
  This is caused by rc?.d files not being there which causes update-rc.d
  in util-linux & login to fail. Those rc?.d directories used to be
  supplied by sysutile(<=0.78-4) 80-1 doesn't seem to do this anymore.
  Is this provided by another package now or should i file an important bug?

So the major showstopper on mips is the failing debootstrap due to
sysvinit and the broken networkconfig. I'll try to look into the later

Note: I'm seeing
 I had trouble checking the choice of root device. I'll
 assume that the root fs is still /dev/sda2.
quiet frequently - even after /dev/sda2 hat been mounted as root(both with 
msdos and sgi disklabel) - bug or feature?

 -- Guido

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