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Re: Processed: Re: Bug#106058: debian-boot lack Mylex DAC960 support

reassign 106058 kernel-image-2.2.19-compact

> The kernel-config for the compact set for both woody and testing
> says its compiled in yet I don't see any attempt of it trying to
> init durring boot.

This is purely a Linux kernel issue.  I've reassigned this to the
kernel image itself.

It's possible you may need special boot args, no idea.

> Shouldn't the Debian boot floppy archive have the modules that were
> compiled with the kernel available for download?  This way we can
> load the modules when the install prompts that there isn't any hard
> disks and wants to load the module from floppy.  Is there someplace
> else we can get the modules?

Yes, you can get the modules by installing the kernel-image-2.2.19
package or whatever kernel package you like (such as 'compact' or

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