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Imagine a pair of shoes that are comfortable right out of the box!!

Click here: The Maine Footwear Company online shoe store.


At the Maine Footwear Company, we offer the highest quality footwear
available. We want to offer you as a new customer a $20.00 savings on our
full line of men's shoes from classic dress and leisure to recreational and
boating to the highest quality work boot available.

All of our footwear is crafted from the finest material available for the
ultimate in style, fit and comfort. Every pair of our shoes includes an
orthopedic insert not found in other brands - a $19 to $30 value!

Just click on the link below or type in www.mainefootwear.com to access our
secure online ordering system and use the coupon code listed below in order
to obtain your $20 savings.


Click here: The Maine Footwear Company online shoe store.

From the beginning we have made sure that each of our shoes fits true to size
so we don't run big or small, if you are a size 9 chances are our size 9 fits
you. All our shoes are also sized the same across the board, so that if you
wear a size 9 in one of our shoes, you will wear a size 9 in all of our
models (to our knowledge no other footwear company does this…).

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