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Re: basedebs.tgz

> i thought you were on powerpc for some reason....
I am...      : -) But I've also got a couple of 68k macs to play around with. 
 Sorry, I should have made that more clear. 
> i build m68k basedebs tarballs and floppy images.  i can't build
> boot-floppies since i don't have any m68k hardware.  [0]
I think Christian said he was going to upload a more recent version of B-F -- 
he's got DSL -- hooray!

I might be able to set up a build machine (for m68k) on a static connection 
in the near future, if need be. 


> [0] well except for my powerbook 540c which 1: won't boot 2: is
> exceedinly resistent to *nix assimilation.

Yeah, this is tough for the m68k (the few that are left, anyway) kernel 
hackers on the m68k debian mailing list (and the mac-68k linux list, too). 

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