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Re: Woody bootdisks

Johan Bergström <johbe@telia.com> writes:

> Someone on #debian-devel@OPN told me you are responsible for the woody
> bootdisks. And I just have a couple of questions. Will they contain
> support for reiserfs?

Somewhat.  We are ready, but since there is no kernel-image
(preferably 2.2 based, but I realize most reiserfs support is in 2.4)
with reiserfs in Debian itself, we can't actually ship boot-floppies
with support for that.

> And how about Grub?

Nope, I don't believe so.  We haven't had a chance to get support for
that in debootstrap, the program that configures the boot-loader.

> Adding Reiserfs to the root (/) is hard enough as it is. I'd love to
> see it as an option to format reiserfs or/and perhaps even
> xfs/jfs/ext3 instead of ext2 in the installation. We're running very
> big filesystems in production here so ext2 isnt really an option, if
> the computer fails and goes down we cannot afford to wait several
> hours for fsck. If you have any experimental bootdisks with reiserfs
> support already I'd love to try them out.

I don't know if there are experimental versions floating around, maybe
someone on this list knows...

.....Adam Di Carlo....adam@onshore.com.....<URL:http://www.onshored.com/>

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