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Re: problem with dhcp-client

> I think we have a problem.  boot-floppies switched from pump (iirc) to
> dhcp-client because the latter was better and in fact smaller than the
> former.  However, dhcp-client does apparently not work on powerpc (see
> #103813).
> The maintainer, Eloy Paris, thinks that the problem might be fixed in
> the new 3.0 (now in beta) release.  BUT:
> > I think we will have a problem when DHCP 3.0 comes out: the
> > dhcp-client package for DHCP 3.0 is *huge*!

cause I was curious what was meant by huge:
$ dpkg -x dhcp-client_2.0pl5-5_i386.deb  2.0pl5-5
$ dpkg -x dhcp-client_3.0beta2RC10-1_i386.deb 3.0beta2RC10
$ tar -czf dhcp.3.gz 3.0beta2RC10/sbin/dhclient 3.0beta2RC10/etc/dhclient
$ tar -czf dhcp.2.gz 2.0pl5-5/sbin/dhclient 2.0pl5-5/etc/dhclient-script 
$ ls -la dhcp.*.gz
-rw-rw-r--    1 davidw   users        2169 Jul 15 09:30 dhcp.2.gz
-rw-rw-r--    1 davidw   users      153921 Jul 15 09:29 dhcp.3.gz
All the size is in the 3.0 binary, not the script, btw.

umm, yea, that's '*huge*!'
> So in fact the new version might be too big for boot-floppies.  And
> the old version doesn't work on powerpc... so?
powerpc should switch to use pump, everyone else stick with dhcp-client-2.0,


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