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Bug#104798: Build failure on hppa (at least)

On Fri, Jul 13, 2001 at 11:08:42PM -0600, LaMont Jones wrote:
> Package: boot-floppies
> Version: 3.0.7
> Priority: serious
> Filing this serious because hppa plans to release with woody.  As the
> Debian Architecture Bug Squash party continues this weekend, it is quite
> likely that additional info and/or patches may be added to this defect.
> The following build failure occured on hppa (using gcc 3.0):
> See http://people.debian.org/~willy/common_bugs.html for more background
> information, and some additional information on deciphering the sometimes
> cryptic buildd database entries.
> If the bug is gcc 3.0 errors, then it is quite likely reproducable on
> other platforms.  With gcc 3.0, of course.
> If the comment is about config.{guess,sub} then they're out of date,
> see the current autotools-dev package.
> -- System Information
> Debian Release: testing/unstable
> Kernel Version: Linux smallone 2.4.0-pa51 #44 Sun Jul 1 20:05:11 MDT 2001 parisc64 unknown
> devel/boot-floppies_3.0.7 by bdale-hppa [extra:uncompiled]
>   Reasons for failing:
>     [Category: none]
>     || mkdir -p /archive/debian/download
>     mkdir: cannot create directory `/archive': Permission denied
>     [ -d /archive/debian/download ] || mkdir -p /archive/debian/download
>     mkdir: cannot create directory `/archive': Permission denied

uh yeah you have to build boot-floppies as root, not fakeroot.  

furthermore i don't think build daemons are supposed to build
boot-floppies anyway they are special enough to where a real person
really needs to do it.  AFAIK a real person for each archetecture is
responible for building and uploading new versions of b-f, not any
build daemon.

Ethan Benson

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