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Re: Mac68k keymaps (was: bf-3.0.7 report: failure)

On Fri, Jul 13, 2001 at 05:21:25PM +0200, Bjoern Brill wrote:
> > Looks more like its hardcoded, but I did not see yet how/where the installer
> > offers you six keymaps...
> > 
> Looks like that's hardcoded as well -- utilities/dbootstrap/kbdconfig.c,
> near the top. Note MacPPC (a little bit lower) has #if 0'ed out the three
> currently missing keymaps, but the comment there shows no clue why the two
> non-broken ones (mac-de2-ext, mac-fr3) are missing.
Found that in the mean time, asked here, but didn't see an answer yet.
> > We can add them in. If you could fix the broken keymap (see bug), might have
> I'll try, but it may take some time. And still more time until a new
> console-data is uploaded and crept into testing. If the maintainer
> accepts my fix.
If you send me the keymap, or even an "unofficial" console-data, I'll try to
use that for the m68k build.


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