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Re: cramfs initrd corruption ?

skaya@enix.org wrote:

> I'm building kernels from SGI CVS (to get latest XFS code),
> and making initrd images (using initrd-tools and make-kpkg --initrd).
> I can't get the cramfs root to mount correctly.

> 1/ there is (IMHO) a serious bug in drivers/block/rd.c, in function
> identify_ramdisk_image : it will refuse to use anything other than
> a minix, ext2, romfs, or gzipped ramdisk. I had to gzip my cramfs
> ramdisk to be able to mount it.

You need to use the Debian kernel-source package which has fixes to all
these issues.
Debian GNU/Linux 2.2 is out! ( http://www.debian.org/ )
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