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YA b-f report

This time I'm up to date a little bit with what's going on! B-F 3.0.7, which 
Ethan uploaded over the weekend I finally got to do something with...

It went pretty well, actually. I'm still confused about the security updates 
part of one of the dialogs. It goes after potato stuff, rather than woody. I 
guess this will change when woody become official? 

I have complaints about tasksel, but that doesn't go here, does it? I didn't 
choose the dselect method this round. 

I do have questions about setting up X. No prompt? I didn't get any kind of 
"setting up X" dialog or anything...is this related to tasksel? 

Another thing I noticed was that the latest version of X didn't get d/l'ed, 
version 4.0.3 was what I got, not 4.1.0...


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