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Bug#103944: Debian install, yes/no prompt wrong colour

this has been fixed in woody boot-floppies, the inactive button is now
the same color as the background (you can only see the text and the < >)

this has shown to make the active button very clear and unambiguous.

On Mon, Jul 09, 2001 at 12:35:38AM +1000, Ken Foskey wrote:
> Package: install
> Version: Potato
> Simple bug very frustrating for newbies.
> In the setup system the colour red is used to indicate a choice.  This 
> is patently obvious once you are used to it but counter intuitive when 
> you are not, red means stop or NOT.  You need to either make it very 
> obvious it is selected with boxes or underscores around the selected 
> option or change the colour to another one.  This caused me to install 
> Debian several times.
> The final question on more CD's can't the various installs know that it 
> should map three CDs.  This broke my install a couple of times, strange 
> results.
> Thanks
> KenF
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Ethan Benson

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