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lib reduction is broken

I modified my local boot-floppies tree to use e2fsprogs-bf instead of
the normal version and found that our lib reduction is not very smart...

if there is no pic lib, the library in the root area is replaced by the
one living in /lib or /usr/lib (NOT /var/tmp/whatever).

i suspect this is why badblocks was getting broken in the first place,
we were getting the sid e2fsprogs binaries with the woody e2fsprogs
libs (if you have the woody version installed on your system).  

so my resulting root.bin images had the regular large e2fsprogs
libraries with the e2fsprogs-bf binaries, not very useful...

i have tracked this down to mklibs.sh which simply copies libraries
from the default src_path (/lib:/usr/lib) into the root area

im not sure what the best fix for this is, my guess is changing the
mklibs.sh call to:

$scripts/mklibs.sh $vflag -L $E/lib:$E/usr/lib:/lib:/usr/lib --dest-dir $R/lib $EXECUTABLES

and move the rm -rf $E to after mklibs has run.  


Ethan Benson

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