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Some feedback on installation attempts...


Friend of mine tried installing with woody boot-floppies. It appears I
kind of mis-judged his attitude, otherwise I'd definately would have
told him to go with potato boot-floppies...

Having not done a woody boot-floppy install myself yet, the info I pass
on might not be too clear. Let me know if I must try to explain
something more...

He's coming from RedHat... was very disappointed to hear of this driver
disk issue... (he claims you can do anything with RH installer, with
just 2 disks... yea, right...) So I pointed him to the idepci "flavour",
as kernel-config pointed out that his network card driver is built into
the kernel. (Meaning he needs no driver disk then, AFAICT)

After the install asked him whether he wants woody or sid, it "died"
trying to mount proc. (brings him back to the sid/woody screen) So he
tried umounting /proc, had to first kill a "tail -f /proc/kmsg" process.
This was an attempt to let the installation script mount it itself... in
the end he just commented out the "mount proc" in the script. (after
commenting on how he's never had problems with RH installer (including
pre-release installers), and that debian must just copy RH's installer
or something... at this point I start considering just sending him back
to RH... ;)

Next, he says it tried to run ldconfig, which didn't exist. So he simply
commented that out too.

From what I understood, he got debootstrap running and downloading
packages. At some point it ran (I quote) "ar -p | zcat | tar -xv some
file", then it was "segfaulting and dying"...

At this point, he decided to try potato boot floppies. Again we went for
the idepci flavour, to avoid driver disks... he says he got a kernel
oops after inserting the root disk...

After heated conversation and pointless ramblings, the "compact" flavour
(potato) worked for him. (Followed by him again saying Debian should
just copy RH's installer... hrmph.)

I would appreciate being CC'd any replies. I'm not subscribed to this

Hugo van der Merwe

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