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Re: install logging

Massimo Dal Zotto wrote:
> Another thing I did in my installer was to copy the logs produced by the
> bootfloppy installer during the first phase into the final logfile in the
> target partition.

Well the boot floppies have done that for a while now.

> Regarding the implementation of the whole thing, you can't do it with the
> normal `script' command because it has no options for executing a specific
> command instead of an interactive shell. 

Atually you can, you just have to be creative. See base-config for one
creative way to do it with $SHELL.

(I filed a bug on script asking for an easier way to specify a command
to run some time ago.)

> BTW, the install.sh is not started by hacking /etc/inittab or root's rcfiles
> and then restoring them, but simply invoked by an ad-hoc /etc/initscript
> which works only for tty1 and is deleted or renamed after the installation.
> Much simpler and cleaner than the automagically disappearing /root/.profile.

Yeah I've thought about doing the same for base-config. Problem is, you
don't get additional VC's with gettys already running on them because
init has not started the gettys when the last init script runs. 

see shy jo

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