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cvs commit to boot-floppies/documentation by aph

Repository: boot-floppies/documentation
who:        aph
time:       Thu Jun 28 09:03:27 PDT 2001

Log Message:

changes from Chris Tillman:

   moved partitioning.sgml to after installer boot
   split dbootstrap.sgml into four sections (still TBD)

   added some missing semicolons
   toned down the "This document is incomplete" section a bit.

   add link to ports pages
   move rescue-replace-kernel reference to inst-methods
   add table of arches and flavors
   condense three 'new-arch' paragraphs into one using entities
   move video and laptop support paragraphs
   remove installation media propaganda
   some rewording and shuffling
   split peripherals section to address network cards separately

   expand a bit on backup
   collect all major documentation references into doc section
   move Planning Use of System here from partitioning.sgml
   add decision tree for necessity of pre-partitioning
   add typical list of pre-partitioning tasks
   move pre-partitioning instructions here from partitioning.sgml
   comment out instructions for creating debian partitions with native tools

   remove installation media propaganda and associated table
   move all file-placing floppy-creating netboot-server stuff here
   move all boot-action-related stuff to rescue-boot.sgml
   expand and move overview/roadmap to preparing.sgml
   move installation set stuff to preparing
   expand CD vs non CD explanation
   add generalized downloading section (collect good stuff all together)
   add short explanations of different floppy functions/contents
   remove references to base system
   move downloading links to appendix
   move Floppy Reliabilty to boot-troubleshooting
   condense redundancy from m68k sections
   use new bootable-disk entity

   move native system pre-partitioning to preparing.sgml
   what's left is Debian partitioning, moves to after installer boot

   reorganize into CD, floppy, hard disk, netboot sections
   move kernel messages into boot troubleshooting
   move all file-placing floppy-creating netboot-server stuff to inst-methods

   removed workaround-bug-33872 (closed)
   added missing semicolons; fixed up tags

   substitute existing entity for url (2 pl)
   move in section from old inst-methods describing files
   add words about how to download
   add description of .../current/ notation
   comment out Base tarball/images section

   added bootable-disk entity: i386, powerpc, m68k
   get rid of workaround-bugs entities for closed bugs
   added workaround-bug entity for 99926 (rawrite2)
   removed supports-tecra entity, not grepped in en directory
   added .../current/ 'names' to all the downloadable-file urls

   changed some spacing for readability in source


changed:    defaults.ent install.sgml urls.ent

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