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Re: configuration of base packages

Anthony Towns wrote:
> Would it make any sense to drop exim (and cron and at and mailx) from
> important to standard? If you'd go "what the fuck?!" about them being
> missing on a real system, does it make sense that you wouldn't go "what
> the fuck?!"  when you found they were missing from your new system after
> you skipped both tasksel and dselect?

I think the difference between exim and cron is that there are a lot of
choices besides exim, while everyone(?) picks cron. Yes, I do think
there is a distinction that the bare bones installers will probably care
about. (Of course, I'm sure there are systems you don't want cron or
mailx on, but they surely must be rarer as I have never encountered

> Oh. What do you think of giving people the option of pre-selecting all
> of important, standard and/or optional as part of base-config, and then
> possibly avoiding both tasksel and dselect? Selecting all of optional
> won't work just yet, since there are still some conflicts and missing
> deps in optional, but hopefully that'll be fixed soon.

What's wrong with hitting + on the optional section in dselect?

see shy jo

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