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Bug#101844: SCSI root partition

On Mon, Jun 25, 2001 at 11:16:50AM -0700, crit wrote:
> this is the err msg im getting when i try to boot from
> floppy to do a new installation. Im using the plain
> rescue image from the 1st cd. after the lilo prompt
> the kernel msgs start scrolling by and then it freezes
> and that bit abt not being able to mnt device 08:03 is
> the last bit it prints to screen. 

It sounds like you are trying to boot for the very first time with
the vanille kernel image, but this doesn't work because it tries
to load the SCSI disk module before the root filesystem is
mounted.  This doesn't make sense, as SCSI support is built-in to
the vanilla kernel, and it shouldn't be trying to mount the
harddrive as your root filesystem anyway.

I must be misinterpreting something.


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