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Re: configuration of base packages

Adam Di Carlo wrote:
> > Now, the problem.  There does not appear to be any obvious time in
> > which the base packages are configured.  For example, I am never
> > asked how to setup exim so that email works correctly.  This needs
> > to be fixed before the release.  Should we have base-config
> > dpkg-reconfigure all the base packages?
> It seems like it should, yes.  Perhaps Joey Hess could opine on this,
> or else, file it as a bug on base-config.

Hmm. I think we should have base-config reconfigure some of the base
packages, anyway. I'm not so sure about all of them. We already
reconfigure some, like console-data and passwd.

One problem: exim does not use debconf, so it can't be reconfigured!  As
the keeper of the consistent UI base configuration (TM), I hesitate to
just run eximconfig.

I'm trying to remember when exim got configured in potato installs. Was
it even installed as part of the base system back then? Could someone
with a test machine do an install and check?

see shy jo, who should finally have a test machine down here next week

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