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PPPoE and Boot Floppies

Hello, I just subscribed this list, because Ethan said I should take 
this to the debian-boot list, and here I am.

Okay, I'm installing my Debian Woody (aka Testing) distro, but in order
to get all the files off the Internet, I have to have my PPPoE DSL
connection working. To do this, I got the PPPoE .deb. It installs fine
on a completely installed system, but I can't do that from the
boot-floppies that Debian provides. I can't even dpkg -i *.deb anything,
because even dpkg isn't installed yet! With the base tarball gone, I
have nothing to put this extra non-standard package in with so I can
connect to the net.

Any ideas on what I should do?

This is from an email I wrote to the powerpc list:

> Okay, so what am I going to do to get a network install going? Someone
> on another list mentioned that there is a module for pppoe, but my
> understanding of this is that it's for the 2.4 kernel. If there is no
> solution to the pppoe problem I've got, I will say "failure" to the
> current incarnation of woody boot-floppies (not that it amounts to
> much). I'm not going to be able to change DSL providers for the near
> future, so that isn't an option. I also spoke to them about the pppoe
> requirement, but I'm not going to run out and buy a router to get around
> this, either.

Lately I'm wondering if it's possible to create a floppy image with
everything I would need on it to get PPPoE working, so that I can
proceed with my install. It seems that I can't just pull the important
binary stuff out of the pppoe because of the dependencies on libc6,
because of the slimmed down version of libc6 on the boot floppies...

Thanks for any help.


PS For more history of this, the Subject: line is the same on the
Powerpc list.

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