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Bug#100749: cdrom entry in /etc/fstab points to non-existant /dev/cdrom

On Thu, Jun 14, 2001 at 12:00:24PM -0700, David D.W. Downey wrote:
> On Thu, 14 Jun 2001, Matt Kraai wrote:
> > Why?  You can always reset it manually, and having it default to
> > something nice will make a lot of programs which rely on
> > /dev/cdrom work a lot better.
> How many new users to linux (we are discussing installs here after all) do
> you know of that know what a symlink is or how to manually change it?

Not many.  But leaving it unset is equally bad, as they would have
to go trolling through /dev and /proc to find their CD-ROM drive
and then either (a) instruct the programs themselves or (b) learn
about and create the symlink.  I don't see what's wrong with the
pseudo code.  If there is only one drive, do the obvious thing,
otherwise if they haven't already picked, ask 'em (or default to
the first if they don't want to be bothered).


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