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cvs boot-floppies, bad-block scan action inverted

        +------------------+ Scan for Bad Blocks? +-------------------+
        |                                                             | 
        | The system can scan the entire partition for un-readable    | 
        | disk blocks and will mark any such bad blocks it finds so   | 
        | that they will not be used. This requires that every block  | 
        | be read, and thus could take a long time, but may save you  | 
        | trouble later.  Modern disk controllers generally do not    | 
        | need this, since they can identify and deal with bad blocks | 
        | automatically, so the default is not to perform this check. | 
        |                                                             | 
        | Run a bad-block scan on '/dev/sdb3'?                        | 
        |                                                             | 
        |                     <Yes>       <No>                        | 

If I choose <No>, it runs the scan.  If I choose <Yes>, it doesn't.


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