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Re: PATCH: Re: dpkg-reconfigure base-config

Richard Hirst wrote:
> It doesn't.  I tried an install with 'verbose' on the cmdline, and that writes
> VERBOSE='yes'
> to /root/dbootstrap_settings, and then I do get asked a stable/unstable
> question.  So, it seems that no VERBOSE setting results in 'low' questions
> not being asked.

Ah, I see. Debconf debaults to medium priority, VERBOSE=yes makes it
show low too, while VERBOSE=quiet makes it show only critical.

> Regardless, this is a change in behaviour from a little while ago when
> I had base_config 0.64 and debconf 0.9.58, where I was asked the question
> without having to specify 'verbose'.  With that older install, I get

[ The same as what you get now with no settings, isn't it? ]

> so maybe something was broken back then, and I should have always
> specified verbose if I wanted a choice of stable/unstable.

That's possible, I don't remember if it asks the stable/unstable
question by default in potato or not.

see shy jo

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