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Re: modem use

Gonzalez Jorge-QJG005 <Jorge.F.Gonzalez@motorola.com> writes:

> When installing Debian, the book says to include a serial driver in
> the kernel. The driver should be in the misc category.  I did not
> see any serial drivers in there.

Most installation kernels have serial built in, IIRC.

Do 'dmesg | grep tty' and look for messages about serial drivers.

> I can't use the modem, wvdial gives a
> communication error.
> 1. Should I run setserial first?

Doesn't hurt!

> 2. If the serial driver has another name how can I go back and install it?

No, we dont' change the name of linux kernel drivers.

> I am using a Dell Dimension L500cx, the modem is on COM2.

Well, com2 is often ttyS1 -- are you sure you are using that and not
ttyS0  or ttyS2 ?

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