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> english:
> I have just one question: why 14 MB RAM to install debian linux? My
> Laptop has only 4 MB Ram and there is no other distribution, on which
> somebody still works on, which installs linux by floppy. 'Small Linux'
> shows that it is possible to do it but I have the impression that 'Small
> Linux' is dead.
> Isn't it possible that the first installation-disk copies a bootable
> linux to the harddisk and after reboot, can the User choose by a program
> like YAST which packets shell by installed and which not?
> Sorry for my english :)

your english is fine. debian doesn;t need 14mb of ram. i installed without ANY
problem with 8mb. with less ram it gets tricky. however in our
internetworkplace we did experiments to try this nasty stuff. we have a HOWTO
there on our website:


try it out and have fun;)


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