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Re: PATCH: Re: dpkg-reconfigure base-config

Richard Hirst wrote:
> base-config now runs and I selected an http source for APT.  Unfortunately
> it chose to go for 'stable' without asking.  I want unstable, for hppa.
> I installed kernel+modules and base system from an unstable tree on a
> local http server.
> I'm guessing that is because of the following line in base-config/apt-setup
> specifying 'low':
>                 db_input low apt-setup/distribution || true

Well, the boot floppies have a "quiet" mode that asks less questions. If
that mode is on, it writes VERBOSE=quiet to /root/dbootstrap_settings,
and base-coonfig picks up on it and sets up debconf to only ask critical

I didn't think quiet mode was the default though. I thought it was
enabled with a boot flag. You can test by doing an install, and when
base-config comes up, log in on another tty (erm, if you can -- serial
console may present difficulties here), and see if that file has that

> Anyway, the patch for editting inittab:


see shy jo

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