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Re: "Make boot floppy failed"

Package: boot-floppies
Version: 2.2.23

I'm turning this into a bug, cc'ing debian-boot manually since bugs.debian.org
is down at the moment.

Wed, Jun 06, 2001 at 07:58:50AM -0700 wrote:
> Are there certain details I need to give to get a
> reply?

I think the only problem is we're busy and clueless :-)

>  I looked for the dbootstrap package at debian.org, but I guess it isn't one, even though the message on a virtual console is "dbootstrap: Make boot floppy failed..."

Yes, the package you want is called boot-floppies:
apt-get source boot-floppies 

The error occurs somewhere near :


from what you have described it looks like the failure is in here (though I
can't be sure with the info we have at the moment):

    printf(_("Formatting the floppy...\n"));
    /* We don't have (yet) 2.88 MB bootable floppy ... */
    snprintf(prtbuf, sizeof(prtbuf), BC_RUN_SFORMAT, device,
             (size > 720) ? "hd" : "dd");
    /* DO NOT USE execlog() */
    INFOMSG("formatting floppy with cmd '%s'", prtbuf);
    status = system(prtbuf);
    if (status) return 1;

sounds like status is non-zero  The commands leading up to it are something like
this (the actual decive is system dependant (/dev/fd0):

export LD_LIBRARY_PATH="/target/lib:/target/usr/lib"; 
/target/usr/bin/superformat /dev/fd0 hd

It would be nice to be able to manually run superformat.

Did you see any error messages that could be coming from superformat (from the
superformat man page) :

       FDC busy, sleeping for a second
              When another program accesses a disk drive  on  the
              same  controller as the one being formatted, super­
              format has to wait until the other access  is  fin­
              ished.   If  this  happens, check whether any other
              program accesses a drive (or  whether  a  drive  is
              mounted), kill that program (or unmount the drive),
              and the format should proceed normally.

       I/O errors during verification
              Your drive may be too far out of tolerance, and you
              may  thus  need  to supply a margin parameter.  Run
              floppymeter (see section  floppymeter) to find  out
              an  appropriate  value  for this parameter, and add
              the suggested margin parameter to the command line

> Brian
> --- bri r <randomaccess@canada-11.com>
> > wrote:
> >Hi all,
> >This is my first exposure to Debian, although I have used Red Hat for about a year.  
> >
> >I got Debian 2.2r3 "Espy" through CheapBytes.com and the install goes fine until I try "Make Boot Floppy" screen.  Then it formats the disk and gives the error message "Make Boot Floppy Failed..."  I tried many floppies with the write-protect off.  I tried redoing the whole process again after verifying my floppy drive still works.  Any suggestions?  I haven't found anything on the web or mailing list archives about this.
> >
> >My system is:
> >Pentium 150 with 256KB cache and 48 Megs of RAM
> >bootable CD-Rom
> >Western Digital UDMA-66 15Gb harddrive with first Gb containing Windows 95.
> >1 floppy drive.
> >1 IOmega Parallel Port Zip Drive
> >PS/2 mouse.
> >
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