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debootstrap and interactive postinst scripts

  debootstrap runs dpkg with stdin directed from /dev/null, to
stop things being interactive.

I have a problem with this; my gcc-3.0-base.deb has a postinst
with a "read foo" in it, and a first line of "#!/bin/sh -e".
That -e causes the script to exit with code 1 when the read
fails (which it does, when directed from /dev/null).  That
causes the postinst to fail, and debootstrap never manages
to get all packages configured.

This is on hppa.  It worked ok last week, but I am using a
newer set of base pkgs now, and have moved from glibc 2.2.1
to 2.2.3.  I don't know at the moment whether my new pkgs are
broken, or whether the old ones were broken such that they
didn't show up the problem.


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