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2.2r3 install: "Make boot floppy failed"

Hi all,
This is my first exposure to Debian, although I have used Red Hat for about a year.  

I got Debian 2.2r3 "Espy" through CheapBytes.com and the install goes fine until I try "Make Boot Floppy" screen.  Then it formats the disk and gives the error message "Make Boot Floppy Failed..."  I tried many floppies with the write-protect off.  I tried redoing the whole process again after verifying my floppy drive still works.  Any suggestions?  I haven't found anything on the web or mailing list archives about this.

My system is:
Pentium 150 with 256KB cache and 48 Megs of RAM
bootable CD-Rom
Western Digital UDMA-66 15Gb harddrive with first Gb containing Windows 95.
1 floppy drive.
1 IOmega Parallel Port Zip Drive
PS/2 mouse.


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