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Bug#99926: Rescue boot disk error

Package: boot-floppies
Version: 2.2r3

flavor:		vanilla
architecture:	i386
model:		Dell Dimension XPS D266 (Pentium II 440LX chipset)
memory:		192 MB
scsi:		[none]
cd-rom:		Kenwood ATAPI
network card:	LNE100TX
pcmcia:		none

When trying to uncompress the kernel image from the Rescue floppy to boot
and install a new Debian installation, I get a "Invalid compressed format
(err=2)" and the system halts. I still have my HD formatted for a FAT32
with WinME installed, which i plan to destroy and partition to Linux, if
that might be creating a problem. I installed a 2.2r2 system a while back,
and it booted fine, with the same setup.

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