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Re: debootstrap and dselect tutorial

On Thu, Jun 07, 2001 at 02:47:57PM -0400, Adam Di Carlo wrote:
> > Sounds great.  dbootstrap doesn't run dselect, base-config does.  With
> > that in mind I figure we want to add this to base-config, yes?
> Oh, yeah, duh.
> Hmm... how to ship that file becomes the question, then... Ouch, that
> makes it a kinda annoying issue to deal with.
> I wonder if we should make a separate package for boot-floppies
> documentation, tutorial, and release notes, and we could include that
> in base?   Possibly making a pkg per each arch, or else one arch-indep
> package that has all arch documentation (the latter seems to make more
> sense to me).

That would be good. Would this binary package be built from boot-floppies
source package, or do you want someone to make a whole new source package
for it? If the latter, it would be no problem for me to do so[1].

I came to this idea recently when I was installing FreeBSD. They include a
small document in the install menu itself, you can browse it through the
dialog interface. The text outlines the installation and focuses on the hard
parts of an installation. Of course, it can't match a full manual, but it
was quite helpful!

I suppose if it cannot be put in a dialog the base-config program can fork a
more(1) or less(1), that's usable, too.

> The alternative, adding the built documentation into base-config CVS,
> is too icky and unmaintainable to conceive of.

Indeed, esp. since the docs' sources are in a nearby CVS branch.

[1] I am lagging a bit when it comes to documentation packages like
maint-guide, but that's a whole different story. Honestly. :o)

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