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Re: more sgml woes

Ug, this was me, fixed.  I had assumed that running lint on the docs would find
all problems, not so, it doesn't find unresolved internal references.  The only
way to catch those is to build the docs, which I just did.  I doubt there are
more problems.


Sun, Jun 03, 2001 at 09:49:11PM +0100 wrote:
> I'm now suffering from this.  Anyone?
> ln -s dynamic_sk_arm.ent dynamic.ent
> debiandoc2text -d debiandoc.decl -l sk -O install.sk.sgml > install.sk.txt
> saspconvert: sk/inst-methods.sgml:275 (input line 1832): identifier `install-from-dos' is undefined
> saspconvert: sk/inst-methods.sgml:283 (input line 1855): identifier `install-from-dos' is undefined
> make[3]: *** [install.sk.txt] Error 1
> (Potato, ARM.)
> Thanks
> p.

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