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Re: m68k boot-floppies for woody

On Sun, Jun 03, 2001 at 08:54:39PM +0100, Richard Hirst wrote:
> Anyway, so far I hit a problem with rescue.sh doing tests on
> $system for 'atari', etc, when rescue.sh has been invoked with
> $subarch='atari' and $system=''.  For now I've swapped $system
> for $subarch in rescue.sh and am carrying on.  That affects other
> than m68k though (pmac, iirc).

$system is say `powerpc' where $subarch will be things like pmac, apus,
prep, chrp etc.  these are all different varients, or subarchs of the
PowerPC archetecture as a whole.  

it seems to me $system should never be null, in your case it should
always be m68k or whatever.  

> I don't understand the difference between subarch and system,
> I guess.

see above, your change will certainly break powerpc at a minimum. 

Ethan Benson

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