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Re: USB on X86 platform boot

> Erich Mueller <em@gonzales.swb.de> writes:
> > sorry for having lost the thread again now, I changed machines several
> > times between home and workplace and also subscribed fom another address. 
> > The temporary fix or workaround based on the hint from this list, I think
> > it was Karl Hammar <karl@kalle.csb.ki.se> forwarded to me by Adam. The
> > (borrowed) PS2 keyboard in place in addition to the USB keyboard of the
> > machine did help to get past the critical point. Now the machine is
> > loading its guts over the network and will soon be singing and dancing. 
> > (The original problem is still not fixed, maybe a later kernel does. 
> > Should this workaround be advertized in the faqs or docs somewhere?) 
> I shall add a todo item that we need to try to fix this.
> Please clarify some matters for me so I can get it right.
> The problem is that you cannot use the USB keyboard during the install
> process, no matter the BIOS settings, you had to use a PS/2 keyboard,
> right?

System: Epox 8kta3 with the USB legacy keyboard support 
enabled in the BIOS.  Booting from the offical potato
2.2_rev3 CD loses the keyboard so cannot perform an

Booting from the unoffical woody CD from
also loses the keyboard.  After installing this using
an AT keyboard and compiling a kernel with USB keyboard
support the system boots without losing the USB kybd.

Making boot floppies and overwriting the kernel with
the newly compiled kernel still loses the USB keyboard.
Looking at the system messages, the prompt for the
root floppy is displayed before USB detection has

Booting from the progeny 1.0 CD in rescue mode does not
lose the USB keyboard.  Since progeny works there is
a solution for sure.  Still investigating so woody
can be reinstalled after repartitioning the hard drive 
(do not have AT keyboard anymore).

Hope this helps expidite a solution.


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