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Re: USB on X86 platform boot

Erich Mueller <em@gonzales.swb.de> writes:

> sorry for having lost the thread again now, I changed machines several
> times between home and workplace and also subscribed fom another address. 
> The temporary fix or workaround based on the hint from this list, I think
> it was Karl Hammar <karl@kalle.csb.ki.se> forwarded to me by Adam. The
> (borrowed) PS2 keyboard in place in addition to the USB keyboard of the
> machine did help to get past the critical point. Now the machine is
> loading its guts over the network and will soon be singing and dancing. 
> (The original problem is still not fixed, maybe a later kernel does. 
> Should this workaround be advertized in the faqs or docs somewhere?) 

I shall add a todo item that we need to try to fix this.

Please clarify some matters for me so I can get it right.

The problem is that you cannot use the USB keyboard during the install
process, no matter the BIOS settings, you had to use a PS/2 keyboard,

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