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di: retriever anna/apt

Ive been going round and round for a while now working on a retriever,
slowly making progress though, im currently working on trying to do
proper dependency checking, i have some code at p.d.o/~bug1 its only a
start though, much logic has to go into it to handle provides, conflicts
and version checking.

I think with proper dependency checking a small retirever (anna) could
be made in around 50kB by integrating it into busybox, so i definetly
think thats the best long term plan for a retriever for fetching
installer components.

I just built a static version of apt-get optimised for size and it works
out to be
apt-get 1153624
apt-get.bz2 400870
apt-get.gz 422711
That is static against all libs including the c++ ones

420kB is big chunk of a floppy, but maybe in the short term an
apt-get-static udeb would be usefull ?
Having a better retriever would allow us to experiment more with the
layout, and other parts of the installer.

I might have a play with it anyway see what i can come up with. In
particular putting the retriever in an initrd and extracting other core
udebs from the boot medium at runtime rather than having all core udebs
extracted at build time.


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