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Bug#99185: boot-floppies: Does not recognize Amiga partitions

Package: boot-floppies
Version: 2.2.19
Severity: serious

I'm filing this as a bug, as I think the problem is in the partition
detection code. I don't know whether it is fixed in a newer version, the
latest m68k version available for potato (and I don't dare test unstable
from what I've heard about the m68k status) is 2.2.19.

With this partition table on my Amiga (from fdisk -l /dev/hda):

Disk /dev/hda: 16 heads, 17471 sectors, 18613 cylinders, RDB: 3
Logical Cylinders from 1 to 22364, 143122432  bytes/Cylinder 

   Device  Boot Mount   Begin      End     Size   Pri  BBlks    System
/dev/hda1    *    *         1     3667   205352     3      0  Amiga FFS
/dev/hda2         *      3668    21193   981456     0      0  Linux native
/dev/hda3         *     21194    22364    65576     0      0  Linux swap

The installer fails to recognize both the ext2 or swap partitions. I can
mount the FFS partition from the prompt at VC2 (that's how I got this
partition list over, I redirected it to a file on the FFS partition).
Perhaps dbootstrap only looks for SCSI disks? Or perhaps it was compiled
without support for Amiga partition tables? I don't know, the 2.2.19 source
is not readily available by ftp so I can't check.

Kernel boot log was posted to debian-boot, I can send it to the bug-report

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