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Need Debian Developer as Consultant

Hello everyone [refer my previous email],

I am not lazy and I will get through all my emails and reply to everyone who
mailed me.

For now, here is some extra info until I can get through my mail:

* Consultant talks to me on the phone, over IRC, on ICQ, or faxes me.
Telephone bills my expense. No travel required, you can be anywhere in the
* I will pay you before you give me any consulting
* I might need more hours than just a day, but that's your call. I will ask
and that's up to you.

I am extremely impressed with everyone who has mailed me, and I just wish I
could hire the lot of you as full timers for my company ;-) but alas I am
still in talks with the venture capital people and hiring the lot of you at
US$150/hour full time for at least 3 years working from your homes is
probably some 6 months away, so I won't talk any more about it yet, since I
cannot make promises at this point in time. Just keep an eye on the list and
when the time comes I will advertise for full-time developers on the lists.

I will make it as quick as I possibly can and will reply to everyone who has
mailed me and make a decision ASAP.

Thanks everyone who replied. I will write each and every one of you and make
a decision.

You have all been a great help.
James Buchanan
National Computer Technology Pty Limited Australasia

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