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Need Debian developer to hire as a consultant

I am looking for a developer of Debian to hire as a consultant for a few
hours (perhaps a whole day split into several sessions over a week) to talk
with me and answer my questions. I am offering US$150/hour.

I need a developer who:
* Can explain things in plain English for someone who has only been a
programmer for a couple of years
* Has an inside-out knowledge of .deb files, i.e. Debian packages (the
Debain equivalent of Red Hat .rpm packages)
* Knows about the software that parses .deb packages and installs the
software inside them
* Knows how the installer works, from the start of the install routine where
it asks a user to format their hard disk, etc, right to the end when you are
ready to use the installed system, and can explain the code line by line
including the assembly code (x86 assembly code only) - or can point me to a
technical manual on Intel processors which does explain how to write code
for a cold boot/bootstrap an OS/whatever the installer does.

I know this is a big ask, I hope not too big for one consultant. Please tell
me if I am being unrealistic in asking this from one consultant.

My only language is English, so preferably I want a developer who's native
language is English, but developers who are multilingual and fluent in
English are just as good for my needs, but they must be fluent in English,
since I can't afford to hire a translator/interpreter as well as a

I will need the consultant in the week 1st July - 7th July, i.e. in about 5
weeks' time.

I hope someone can help me find a consultant who works on Debian or
knows/can recommend someone involved with debian.org.

Many Thanks,
James Buchanan
National Computer Technology Pty Limited (Australasia)

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