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Re: patch to fix debootstrap invocation on local archive

(pick the reply that got postponed then forgotten)

On Fri, May 04, 2001 at 08:04:22PM -0400, Joey Hess wrote:
> Adam Di Carlo wrote:
> > > 	* failures/success (duh)
> > Yes, with some well defined exit codes so we can take appropriate
> > action in dbootstrap if possible.
> Yes.

I haven't done these; I've just got "E: <Something bad happened>" and a
non-zero return, btw.

> > We need to think of using this for both boot-floppies and
> > debian-installer.  However, we don't include debconf on the root
> > filesystem.  I would imagine a straight slang interface is best.
> For debian-installer, I would much prefer if the data and its
> presentation are kept seperate. So debootstrap could output something
> that contains the info we need, and is also informative standalone:

Well, it should be reasonable to add a --debian-installer flag and tweak
things so they're just right...

> 1% downloading blah
> 5% downloading meh
> 7% downloading foo
> 10% downloading really_large_thing
> 50% bootstrapping dpkg
> 60% installing meh
> 70% installing foo
> 80% installing blah
> 90% cleaning up
> 100% done!

I'm inclined to make this:

	P: 0 5433454 Downloading debs
	I: Downloading foo.deb
	P: 1334 5433454 Downloading debs
	I: Downloading bar.deb
	P: 65334 5433454 Downloading debs
	I: Downloading really_large_thing.deb
	W: Couldn't retrieve, trying backup mirror
	I: Downloading really_large_thing.deb
	P: 5433454 5433454 Downloading debs

or similar, all on fd 3. (It's just missing the P:'s atm)

> You might want to prefix the lines with some flag like "status: " or
> something, if there is lots of random other text being output by
> debootstrap and the programs it runs.

All the other random text is on fd 1 or 2. The P's and I's make it
reasonable to add other things later though.

If d-i is ready for it, someone can feel free to send me a patch to make it
a udeb :)


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