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Re: Where is the base tarball?

On Thu, 24 May 2001, Anthony Towns wrote:

> > At present the Hurd is installed two ways. 
> > First, by a cross install where the tarball is unpacked onto a Hurd
> > partition from a Linux system.  Secondly, where the tarball is
> > incorporated into a modified boot-floppies and installed in a more or less
> > standard way.  The same tarball is used by both methods.  A medium term
> > solution as far as the Hurd is concerned is not to move beyond the Woody
> > boot-floppies and to develop them further if this is needed.
> If you aren't able to make a native Hurd installer (no cfdisk, kernel
> can't be booted before the system's installed on the hdd (doesn't fit
> on a floppy?)), then you'll want to use debootstrap to build a chroot
> on a Hurd system, tar that up, and hack boot-floppies to unpack that
> and fiddle around with it instead of calling debootstrap.

We have no partitioning tools (amongst other things) for the Hurd, so this
is the way forward in the meantime.  Panic over. 



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