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Re: cvs commit to tasksel/debian by joeyh

On Wed, May 23, 2001 at 06:17:08PM -0700, Chris Tillman wrote:
> >     - Moved samba-server to file-server, and made that include nfs stuff
> >       too.
> Cool, I was going to suggest we kill all the Unix package names in tasks,
> because people may very well be new to Unix as well as to Debian (that would
> be me) and have no idea what the names stand for.

IMHO this is not cool...

don't include nfs and samba in one task. If i user need samba for
windows, he don't need nfs. And if a user need nfs for unix, he don't
need samba.

rename the packages to 'windows-file-server' and 'unix-file-server' 

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