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cvs commit to tasksel/tasks by joeyh

Repository: tasksel/tasks
who:        joeyh
time:       Wed May 23 21:35:41 PDT 2001

Log Message:

  * Modifications to existing tasks:
    - added language-env to all language tasks that it supports
    - added netatalk to file-server and print-server
    - renamed modem to dialup, and added stuff for isdn and pppoe to it.
      Also removed a few things like lynx from the task.
    - added aviword to desktop, so there is a basic word processor in there
    - added gimp to desktop too, it's too handy not to be there
    - added lyx to tex
  * New tasks:
    - web-server -- currently includes only the bare basics, suggestions


changed:    desktop file-server print-server tex

removed:    modem

added:      dialup web-server

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