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cvs commit to base-config by joeyh

Repository: base-config
who:        joeyh
time:       Tue May  8 13:34:09 PDT 2001

Log Message:

   * Reworded the "simple, advanced" question, adding a third option
     to not install anything more. All translations need to be updated..
   * Removed PERL_BADLANG hack. If the boot floppies are not setting a
     proper LL_ll language code, and are setting LANG=LL instead, this will
     cause nasty perl messages. Let's find out..
   * Only ask about removing pcmcia if PCMCIA is set, but not "yes".
     If it is unset, this is probably not a fresh install (and having it
     always ask about removing pcmcia from my laptop during testing was
     getting to be a pita).


changed:    stage2 stage3

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