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Re: Tasks policy

Anthony Towns wrote:
> > Would it not be much easier for the task packages _themselves_ to
> > contain Task: fields, instead of the individual packages, which would
> > function like weak Recommends: fields: 
> Not really. The code's already written to do things the other way around,
> and the main point of "Task:" fields being in the package is so that
> packages can be removed from the archive without breaking any tasks they
> might be a part of.

I recently sent a mail questioning the Task: field. Seems I have
misunderstood (I thought it was intended to be a field in task packages,
listing the packages in the task). Now that I understand, I support Aj's
proposal wholeheartedly, except my thoughts about using sections to
organize tasks, rather than overloding the package name, still stand.

see shy jo

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