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debootstrap gives error -> normal inittab?

The inclusion of fdutils on debootstrap causes it to end with an error, as
fdutils like to get an answer to the questions it makes when configuring it.

What does this leads to?

Well, in extract_base and after marking the system as unconfigured we ask
for the result of debootstrap and if it gave an error we return without
setting the inittab of the target system. Of course we show an error and all
that, but after the 20 errors of dpkg... one more to sumarice this all...
doesn't seem important :-)

Anyway, returning before the inittab is set may seem ok, but as we have
marked the system as unconfigured already when we get to the main menu the
next step is marked as if everything had went ok, one continues to configure
the system and makes it bootable...

But as we reboot the machine, instead of getting the dpkg-reconfigure of
base-config (wich now seems to work well thanks to the new debconf, thanks
guys for fixing this), you get a normal login prompt :-)

I guess, we must move the unconfigured hack after the rs check, don't you

Manty/BestiaTester -> http://manty.net

PD: I think I'm gonna be able to do a full install in next compile and burn
round :-)

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