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Re: PPC boot-floppy building

Stephen_R_Marenka@raytheon.com writes:

> >Stephen_R_Marenka@raytheon.com writes:
> >> Hmmm. My patch to common.sh which fixes a conflict with
> >>apt-get preferences was
> >> screwy. Here's what it should have been. Sorry.
> >Um, before I apply this, two questions:
> > why do you need the preferences?  What features does it
> >afford the
> > boot-floppies builder?
> I have a default preferences file which allows me to live in testing, but still
> apt-get things from unstable. While building bf, I was getting an error along
> the lines of "the file is in the list but I can't get it." When I moved my
> preferences file, that problem went away. I think this is a more elegant fix and
> doesn't require me to change my normal system.

You aren't really making yourself clear.  

What is the error you got?

What is the diff between the standard apt.preferences and the one you
are using.

> > how does the system react if preferences are not set or
> >the file not
> > found?  It would seem to puke.. do you have a suggested
> > 'preferences.apt' ?
> Since apt-get doesn't come with a default preferences file, I would expect it to
> work fine when no such file exists. Indeed, that's what happens on my system.

Ah, very true.  I shall apply your patch.

.....Adam Di Carlo....adam@onshore.com.....<URL:http://www.onshored.com/>

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