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Re: Booting to floppy

Adam Di Carlo wrote:
> Andrew Sharp <andy@netfall.com> writes:
> > The answer is another question, how wide spread do we want the use
> > of Debian to be?  In FreeBSD, it works quite well, and there is no
> > reason it can't work this way on Debian: you enter your network
> > settings, it goes off and tries to get the packages, it fails to
> > connect, and puts you back at the screen where you enter your
> > network settings, allowing you to change them and try again.  Not
> > that difficult, is it?  Perhaps for sid?
> I suggest you take a deep look at base-config -- critique what it's
> doing wrong -- and then file bugs.

I'm so misunderstood!  Did I say it was doing anything wrong?  Heck
no!  I was just pontificating.  You know, casting strange and
foreign ideas on the fertile waters of debian developer minds?

The FreeBSD install is one of the best I've seen as far as it does a
very good job from one perspective: you can download and burn one
floppy, and that is good enough to boot off of, and if you can set
up your network, that's all you need for the install, and that
includes a ppp install.  So it is a place where we can get ideas,
like how did they do the ppp install and can we learn anything from
that?  Debian is a much different and more difficult beast and being
the same as FreeBSD is not the goal, I just bring it up as one
possible source of ideas on things that CAN be done.

> We only care when you do -- and if bugs are filed, then no one cares.

Um, say what?  Did you mean to say 'if no bugs are filed, then no
one cares.'?


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