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Re: Booting to floppy

Ethan Benson <erbenson@alaska.net> writes:

> i don't think it even needs to be that way either.  you can do one of
> two things:
> make the rescue disk use msdos filesystem instead of ext2, and put a
> .coff format kernel on it.  this would be bootable with the
> OpenFirmware command:
> boot fd:,linux
> or something similar (the device name may vary)
> the disadvantage to this is you must enter OF somehow, this usually
> requires a serial terminal.  
> the other option is make the rescue image use hfs filesystem, there is
> nothing about miboot that requires a layout any different then the
> regular rescue image has (well if there is it could be fixed except
> for needing macos to compile miboot...).  miboot would be analogous to
> syslinux in this case.  dbootstrap would have to be tought how to
> mount hfs rescue images in addition to msdos and ext2, but that
> shoudn't be that difficult.
> i don't think its possible to make a generic rescue image that will
> boot all the various powerpcs, but isn't there several different
> versions of it anyway for the different powerpc sub-archs?

Seems like a moot point since we don't have any people working on
PowerPC boot-floppies ?


> > Wouldn't it be easier to just get the kernel directly from one of the
> > 'linux' files lying around, in the case that the user is installing by
> > a method other than floppies?  This might be an easy, general fix we
> > can do for all arches.
> if all thats being grabbed from rescue.bin that makes sense.  

It's a possibility.   Theoretically cleaner, if, as Sven points out,
we can address the proper file (perhaps even double check it's the
right kernel somehow).

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