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Re: modconf doesn't support 2.4.2 kernel? critical typo corrected

The lines <<<<<<<<<<<<<< were omitted from the previous transmission

If a PCMCIA  LAN bus card is the issue,
carefully read /usr/src/modules/pcmcia-cs/README-2.4,
as the kernel Configure.help is not adequate in this instance.

For support of my:
# cardctl ident 1
  product info: "3Com Corporation", "3CCFE575BT", "LAN Cardbus Card",
  manfid: 0x0101, 0x5157
  function: 6 (network)
  PCI id: 0x10b7, 0x5157

it was necessary to compile the kernel with:
grep PCMCIA /boot/config-2.4.2     <<<<<<<<<<<<<
# PCMCIA/CardBus support           <<<<<<<<<<<<
# CONFIG_PCMCIA is not set         <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

after which one CAN still compile PCMCIA modules in the old 2.2.nn
style, with my module support through:
Module                  Size  Used by
3c575_cb               20032   2 
cb_enabler              2736   2  [3c575_cb]
ds                      6768   2  [cb_enabler]
i82365                 23216   2 
pcmcia_core            43392   0  [cb_enabler ds i82365]

The down side is that with the old 2.2.nn method the who zoo of PCMCIA
support modules is generated, while if suffices to use:
# PCMCIA/CardBus support
then only necessary modules can be specified for compiling.

Once compiled and installed in the /lib/modules/2.4.nn tree
modconf does properly perceive these modules.


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