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Re: Installation Problem (Debian Linux)

sujit_pandit@chequemail.com writes:

> Problem 1: After Installation ( your mentioned procedure which was
> avalable in your CD) , I found that all the files are not installed.

You may have to install more packages... depends on what you are
missing.  Please ask on debian-users@lists.debian.org.
Post-installation process is not handled by this group.

> Problem 2: Xwindow is not working.There I found a error message.

Again, ask on debian-user.  We don't have anything to do with X

> Problem 3: Now I remove Linux portion from my machine, but I am
> unable to delete partition.Actually, problem is that after deletion
> of Linux protion when I am booting my machine that time system

You mean the boot loader, not the time system, right?

> automatically goes to Linux and hang that machine. I can't go to my
> windows98 section.Question is that how I remove linux boot
> information from MBR(Master Boot Record)protion.

Boot from your windows98 startup floppy or CD, and run fdisk /mbr from
DOS.  That will reset the MBR.

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